What is the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a mind and body skill that can be learnt and applied in a practical way in all areas of your life, allowing you balance, coordination and ease of movement.

The Alexander Technique will teach you to identify and prevent the excessive muscular tension that accumulates over the years and causes shortening and contraction in your body.

Being humans and standing upright we have to negotiate our heavy heads in balance on top of our spines in a variety of complex movements, this leads to some muscles being overused while others are underused. These patterns of misuse cause imbalance in the body often resulting in pain, particularly in the back and neck.  Pulling down also compromises your breathing, just take a moment to notice if you are slouched in a chair when reading this, if you are what has happened to your ribcage and diaphragm?  Well, this is an example of how you can restrict your breathing; this in turn leads to inefficient use of your whole body.

 Unfortunately muscular tension caused by habitual misuse slips below our conscious level of thought and we tend to feel comfortable when slumped in front of the computer or using the same shoulder on which to carry our heavy work bag, rather than stopping and paying attention to the way in which carry out these actions. So by re-learning how to use your body in everyday activities such as sitting, standing and walking by applying the Alexander Technique principles, you will be able to consciously control your physical and mental response in all activities and areas of life.