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Introductory Workshops

In Tunbridge Wells

 Upcoming workshops

  • The next workshop will be: An introduction to the Alexander Technique.
  • Saturday 10 November 2018
  • 10.30am – 12.30pm.  Price £15.00
  • Helios Clinic, Tunbridge Wells
  • Please call/email for details and to book your place.

    This small group workshop includes explanation, simple activities and a demonstration of hands-on work.  It will allow you to make the decision as to whether you wish to explore the Alexander Technique further. 

What to expect

I teach Alexander Technique lessons to my pupils on a one to one basis, or by introductory sessions to small groups.   By giving gentle hand contact and verbal instruction I will work with you to learn how to recognise and tease out layers of muscular tension the cause of shortening and contraction in your body. In your lessons I will teach you how to consciously decide to make all movement in a less harmful way for you, and after a number of lessons you’ll learn this new way of being for yourself.

How much will it cost?

Private individual lessons £ 40 per lesson.    

Book 6 lessons in advance and receive the 6th for half price!

Book 10 lessons in advance and receive the 10th  for free

Group lessons (max. 4 – 6 people)

How long are lessons?

40 minutes

What should I wear?

I suggest you wear trousers/ jeans/ leggings. Loose enough so that you can move comfortably. 

Is there any homework?

To get the maximum benefit from your lessons I will recommend you to practise semi supine and possibly some of the other procedures that we have learnt in our lessons. Of course I can always recommend books to read that will help you advance further with the Technique.

What will my lesson involve?

Obviously all lessons are different and vary according to the individual but there are some common Alexander Technique procedures e.g.: standing to sitting or semi-supine, that enable the principles of the Technique to be taught. To have more of an insight as to what may be included in your lessons I suggest looking up “The Alexander Technique” on YouTube.

Small Group Lessons (Beginners)

  • If you and some friends are interested in signing up for a series of 6 small group lessons for beginners please contact me.


 All lessons and workshops take place at at : The Helios Clinic

97a Camden Road 

Tunbridge Wells TN1 2QR.

or at my home in Mayfield TN20 6AS.