Alexander Technique Tunbridge Wells

alexander technique tunbridge wells


The Alexander Technique teaches you how to change your physical and mental responses to the world around you. By learning how to identify and then prevent harmful, excessive muscular tension in your body that may be the cause of stress and pain, you will be able to improve your overall functioning and positive wellbeing

I like to think of the Alexander Technique as the ultimate self-care tool, a skill that you can learn and apply in areas of your life.

The Alexander Technique could help you to overcome:
  • muscle tension and stiffness
  • back, neck and joint pain
  • poor posture
  • breathing and vocal problems
  • anxiety and stress related problems
Use the Technique to:
  • improve performance and prevent injury
    in music, drama and sport
  • enhance business and presentation skills
  • develop ease and elegance in movement
  • support pregnancy and childbirth.

Why not book an introductory lesson  or come along to one of my Introductory workshops, small group or private lessons at The Helios Clinic, Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells or in Mayfield


Posture, Movement and Performance

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New – Introductory workshop – Alexander Technique

Saturday 10th November 10.30am – 12.30pm

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Learn how to help yourself into a good place, physically and mentally!


“You translate everything, whether physical or mental or spiritual, into muscular tension.”

F.M. Alexander

Alexander Technique Benefits

The Alexander Technique allows you to achieve natural wellbeing and poise. As you can see the many benefits enjoyed include:

  • A reduction in muscle tension and stiffness
  • Relief from back, neck and joint pain
  • Improved posture
  • breathing and vocal problems
  • Learning to cope with anxiety and stress related.
The Alexander Technique is used: 
  • to improve performance and prevent injury in music, drama and sport. It is taught at music and drama colleges worldwide including the Royal College of Music, RADA, and The Julliard School, NY.
  • by a wide range of companies including the BBC, The Guardian and ICI. for the enhancement of business and presentation skills.
  • to support pregnancy and childbirth. 


“I came to the Alexander Technique having had years of back and neck pain following many injuries and surgical interventions. I felt the benefits of learning and practising semi supine very quickly as it allows me the space and time to focus on myself and the way my body feels, and as a consequence the tension and ache at the base of my skull has disappeared. The lessons with Cecile are great fun and I look forward to my weekly lessons enormously. I feel more relaxed and aware of the way I sit and stand and have started to make small, but significant changes that have led to improvements in my balance. I would definitely recommend A.T.”

Julie, (Writer) Wadhurst, East Sussex 

“Your body alignment is better and you have a greater sense of length in the lower spine. You seem to have a better understanding of how to find your alignment by balancing each segment on top of the other rather than using muscular tension to put body parts in place. By doing so, you have minimized the tendency to shift the weight too much to the back of your heels which caused a shift forward of the rib cage….. “

It seems like that experiencing the Alexander technique has helped you to find a more efficient way to deal with your alignment. Keep exploring somatic practices as they might help you understand even more how to work with your body.

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